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Leveraging procurement spend to maximize social impact and to make the circular economy shift distinguishes 21st Century public and private sector organisations as transformational leaders seeking to arrest some of the more pressing social and economic injustices of our time, including poverty, mortality from preventable afflictions, climate change, immigration and slavery.

PILL designs and implements Circular Sourcing Solutions, Social Impact Programmes (SIPs), and Procurement Innovation, Governance and Leadership Labs empowering responsible and effective leadership geared toward maximizing value from procurement.

The PILL is a unique capacity building and implemented consultancy helping public and private sector organisations to research, design, procure and measure impact within a circular economy framework.

Our Process is initiated with a learning Lab where we measure where your organisation is at, assess the areas for greatest business growth, bottom-line improvement and socio-environmentalimpact and we make recommendations for the design of strategies, policies and frameworks to leverage procurement spend for better value. We also provide the implemented consulting support to build institutional capacity and to design, buy and measure the impact of procurement spend.

How are we different?

1. We provide an implemented turnkey sourcing solution which allows government and public sector bodies to meet targets and optimize socio-environmental value at a reduced cost and with a no-risk pay for performance model. In short, we save governments and local authorities money and cost governments nothing.

2. We have a unique collaborative framework for Circular Procurement - bringing together social innovators, private sector, philanthropic donors and governments to buy, support and deliver circular outcomes.

Our Labs

Procurement Efficiency Lab

Strategies and systems for increasing efficiency and implementing best practices in the procurement process.

Circular Procurement Lab

Designing and implementing a circular procurement strategy to drive resource efficient business models and broader societal impact.

Procurement Governance & Strategy Lab

Development of Procurement Policy for Transparency, Accountability and Fairness in pursuit of ‘best value’ procurement.

Procurement Innovation Lab

Transforming our focus from what we are buying to why we are buying, stimulating innovative procurement solutions for outcomes.

Social Opportunity Lab

Re-engineering Corporate Social Responsibility (C.S.R.) strategy and management from expenditure to Corporate Social Opportunity (C.S.O) investments.

Collaborative Sourcing Lab

Maximizing opportunities from joint venture purchasing, purchasing consortia and multi-institutional public sector sourcing.

PPP Solutions Lab

Public private partnership mechanisms in the forms of new co-governance, co-production and co-management models for more inclusive public procurement.

Transformational Public Sector Leadership Lab

Strengthening public sector governance, audit and accountability mechanisms for more flexible and effective public procurement.

Procurement Impact Measurement Lab

Data-driven strategy for auditing, measuring and maximising the positive human, social and environmental impact of procurement budgets.

Ethical Supply Chain Lab

Leveraging technology to manage global supply chain risks and to integrate data-driven systems for fair and ethical supply chain management.

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